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Terms & Conditions


AGE RESTRICTIONS: You must be at least 19 years of age to access Ross’ Gold retail and online properties – no exceptions. Anyone under the age of 19 is ineligible for membership, access or purchasing.

NO RETURNS, EXCHANGES, OR REFUNDS: Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any products back after they leave the premises. We will not be able to provide a refund or exchange for any reason.

NO RESELLING. NO SHARING: We provide medicinal cannabis for you only. Any reselling or sharing of your medicine is forbidden. If you are caught reselling any products purchased from Ross’ Gold you will be permanently banned from receiving services.

NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES: Ross’ Gold makes no guarantees, representations or warranties, express or implied, about the effectiveness of cannabis for your particular medical condition or symptoms.

THE LAW: It is illegal in Canada to possess, grow, or distribute cannabis without authorization from Health Canada. Membership with Ross’ Gold does not provide legal protection.

PRIVACY: Ross’ Gold has a commitment to its members to not share or sell your data under any circumstances, and to host it in a secure, controlled environment. In some instances, limited access may be provided to certain service providers, who under no circumstances may retain this data or use it for any purposes other than those designated by Ross’ Gold.

EMAIL CONSENT: Ross’ Gold will not intentionally contact users who have not provided expressed email consent. To subscribe to our newsletter, please submit your email address on the home page of the website. An unsubscribe link is made available on all of our emails and can be selected at any time to cancel all further communications.

KEEP US INFORMED: We strive to provide all of our members with the highest quality products available. If you have any comments or suggestions, good or bad, about any of our products or services please let one of the staff members know.