Not Just Hype, But a Reality

Franchise Opportunities

Brand Identity

The Ross’ Gold name is synonymous with the moment Ross Rebagliati took the global stage winning an Olympic Gold Medal in 1998.   The Ross’ Gold brand was launched in 2013 finding its identity in the cannabis space. Ross’ Gold has become a recognized brand in Canada and abroad.

Industry Expertise and Leadership

Gold Franchise Advantage

Ross’ Gold promotes the brand consistently through various media channels including television, print and social media. The broad brand appeal crosses a wide section of society, and continues to grow as we enter legalization.

Ross’ Gold is a recognized leader in the cannabis sector. Our core strengths are:

  1. Initial Training and Ongoing Support in Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, and Accounting/Finance.
  2. Experienced Management Team establishing over 100 retail locations across Canada
  3. International brand power & awareness
  4. Historical and current positive media coverage
  5. Branded & licensed retail product lines
  6. Relationships with Licensed Producers
  7. Securing Real estate in key areas

Earned Media

Brand Value of Ross’ Gold™

Ross’ Gold is a Super-Brand that has been and is featured extensively in the media, both on television, print & social medial. Over the last year 4 years, the estimated value of earned media attained is $10 million. The networks and publications which highlight Ross’ Gold include: TSN, VICE, The Washington Post, Global TV, USA Today, High Times, NBC, CBC, CNN, Yahoo Sports, Die Welt, CTV, The Toronto Star, The Denver Times, Sports Illustrated, The Pique,, Whistler Question, NORML, Huffington Post, Transworld Snowboarding, The Daily Telegraph, and more.